Chris and Tyann share a love of film and creation. 

One cold February morning Chris and I were working away and realized the company we worked for could really use a video for marketing purposes. Being that I was already a photographer and had a camera capable of taking a video, we decided to give it a go and create a short marketing piece on our own.
The only good things that came out of that video was a lot of laughter, a blooper reel, and a newfound love and passion for film. As they say, the rest is history, right? 
Over the next two years, we had a lot of fun creating, learning, and filming anything we could. 
In early 2020 when the world fell silent, we had our own awakening. We felt the push from God to make film and photography our full-time career. 
So we listened.
We so love what we do and we bring that passion to the table on every project we do. From telling your love story (le sigh... hopeless romantic here) to helping bring a vision to life for our local businesses, we put our entire hearts into each project.

In our off time, you will find us playing (arguing) with one of our four children, exploring our local area, daydreaming about everything or working in my little garden at home.  We may be late bloomers but our love for adventure truly fuels our souls, ahem, destination wedding anyone? <3





I'm the photographer. Genius, and all-around leader of the group. 

I'm MOSTLY kidding.. haha but I really am the photographer, filmer, creator, editor, mom, wife, chef, cleaner, chauffer, etc... 

I fell in love with photography when I was a little girl, yes it's cliche, but yes it's true. I took photos of anything I could with the camera my mom got me. Out of all the things I thought I wanted to be when I grew up, this wasn't on the list. Never in a million years did that 14-year-old little girl think she would make an entire career out of it. But I did, and it has been the biggest blessing in my life. It has led me to find some of the best friendships, I've been able to travel and connect with so many beautiful souls because of this career, and ultimately it helped me find one of my biggest passions; filmmaking. 

Career aside, the biggest and most important things in my life are God, my children, husband, family, and friends.
I have 4 of the most hilarious, rambunctious, kind, slightly naught kids. They each have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives and taught us what love truly means. 



The Pilot, tech guy, engineer, and dreamer.

 Since I was young I've been passionate as a designer, engineer, and fabricator for my professional career. Then I started playing with drones in 2014 with a little cheap hobbyist drone. I never knew the potential and excitement of having a camera flying in the sky. With being lower quality their reliability was low and frustrating. A few short years later my wife bought me my first big cinema drone ( best birthday present ever!). From there I fell in complete love with capturing and telling a story from above. As my wife dove into the fun of creating videos, next thing I knew I was getting involved in bits and pieces and started sharing the excitement to grow as videographers together. Through time I've realized instead of engineering vehicles or parts, my talents and passions can be applied as a video creator providing our audience or clients with a feeling of excitement, joy, and growth. Who else to create these experiences and fly on this life journey as creators than your soul mate that shares the same joys and excitement as you.    



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